Thursday, 8 July 2010

Successful appeal letter to HDB for keeping a non-approved dog breed

Thanks to Katherine for sharing this:

Someone had written to HDB for permission to keep a Golden Retriever and his request was granted. I believe there are many requests have been granted. The letter was well written.

You may wish to inform HDB's owners to try to write in to HDB.


To: HDB Branch Manager / Person in charge,

I write with regard to the above subject matter.

I have been keeping a golden retriever (non-approved HDB breed) since it was a puppy. It is currently 2 and a half years of age. The dog was given to me as a gift back then. I have yet to get a license from the AVA for my dog as I am aware that it is of an unapproved breed for HDB dwelling. However, due to the recent spate of events over the news regarding dog licensing, I would like appeal to HDB for a license to be given to my dog. I have written to the AVA and they have referred me to write to HDB for prior approval on a case by case basis.

My dog has a good temperament and does not bark at anyone, even neighbours. He is also good with young children and the elderly as he is exposed to them on a weekly basis. He is also extremely friendly and mostly playful.

I am aware that AVA's rules and regulations do not allow large dogs in HDB dwelling as they feel that the small area is insufficient for them to run, roam and have fun. However, I would like to share that i do leash my dog and bring it for frequent walks around the estate and sometimes even to the neighbourhood dog run area to have his share of fun with his other dog friends. I also make an effort to clean up the poo left by my dog and take the responsibility to send my dog for obedience training.

I would like to further add that not everyone can afford luxury houses, and it would also be unfair to us for AVA to say that big dogs need bigger space to run and roam when in fact, what they need is ample exercise. If what AVA's guidelines is true, then it would be contradicting and an irony to allow condominium owners to keep large breeds (and a max of 3 at that). Moreover, most condos in singapore are not quite as spacious as our 3 - 5 room flats (especially the old units).

If need be, I am also willing to take the stairs with my dog in the event other neighbours wish to take the lifts. We live in a multi racial and multi cultural country, if we can make the effort to treat each other with equal fairness and equality, should we not also treat our pets in the same way (as long as they do no harm to our neighbours)? Afterall, animals have feelings too and having lived with my family for a period of time, my dog does feel a sense of closeness to us as well.

I am very reluctant to give my dog up for adoption or to the SPCA as he has been with the family for more than 2 years. I am also aware of what the SPCA will do to unadopted dogs. They normally put down animals which are not adopted after a few months. This is the most inhumane thing to do to any animal, especially when they are healthy and well. I also do not wish to contribute to the number of strays on the streets as i know full well what will happen when i do so. My dog is very well behaved and is very domesticated, he will not be able to survive alone in the streets.

I hope HDB will review my case seriously as I believe that all dogs have a right to enjoy a good home with a responsible owner, who is willing to shower on him love and attention irregardless of his size and the size of the home.

I hope to hear your good news soon. Thank you.


here is the update from the member dated 8/3/2009:-


HDB approved my goldie! hahaha.... now must apply to ava for dog license already!!

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